Freehold Properties

Freehold properties are an evergreen piece of asset. Perpertual ownership meaning the home owner has no limit to the period of ownership.  In general, freehold properties carry a premium of 15% to 25% more than leasehold properties depending on location and demand.  Despite a premium price tag, home owners enjoy a peace of mind since they have little concern on dimishing value associated with diminishing lease period.  Home buyers for freehold properties will find financing easier with lesser restriction on the quantum of bank loans as well as the Government regulations on CPF usage limit for ageing properties. Read More »

Mixed Developments

The Rise of Mixed Development in Singapore.  A mix of residential, retail, office spaces in one and can be integrated into other developments.  Mixed-used developments are popular and presents a solution to the Millennial generation or working professionals looking to greater productivity in their lives and a lifestyle balance between work and play.  The appeal of better amenities near both where they work and live drives up the demand.  At the same time, Singapore is striving to a greener environment and efficient use of land space.  Read More »

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