Completed properties in this category are those new condominiums which are near to obtaining Temporary Occupation Permit (T.O.P.) or have obtained Temporary Occupation Permit (T.O.P.) and waiting for the legal Certificate of Statutory Completion (CSC). Rightfully, with a T.O.P. or C.S.C. attained, home buyers can occupy the building.

For some specific developements like 8 St. Thomas, Marina One Residences or Corals at Keppel Bay, there are balance units after obtained T.O.P. and Developers can showcase selected units to home buyers while these units are available, first come first serve.

Home buyers love to view actual brick & mortar units when they can get a reality see, feel and touch of the unit interior, accompanied fixtures and the surroundings.  Recent years, we seen an increased interest in completed projects by overseas buyers.  These buyers from Hong Kong, China, Malaysia, Indonesia,  USA etc etc. are actively seeking for a safe haven to park their funds and Singapore seems to have met the criteria, with vibracy and strong fundamentals at the top of their checklist.

A handful of completed developments offer Deferred Payment Scheme, in addition to the Normal Payment Scheme. Deferred payment scheme works well to stagger cashflows. Another upside is the short waiting time to obtain the keys, which can be as quick as nine weeks’ time from the option date after paying the deposit and necessary charges, in the case of Marina One Residences.

To Get an Overview of All Completed Projects to-date in Singapore and Units that Are Available, Get in Touch with Us.

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