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Some buyers will say that their first choice is a freehold property, afterall it is owning a rare gem in Singapore and well within their affordability, adding stability to their portfolio.  It can be a worthwhile legacy to pass down for generations to come.  They see the potential for value appreciation is uncapped, infinite over time!  Other buyers on the other hand, go for for a leasehold unit as they feel the factors don’t stack up the justification.

It’s true, buying a property is often more than a freehold or leasehold choice.  Location, financing, facilities, layout etc. are other key points in buyers’ minds.  It helps to start doing some research. If you are considering leasehold or undecided, you may wish to read a Market Trend Comparsion Report 2013-2020 in a district/region.  Feel free to reach us.

Below is a collection of selected freehold properties for easy browsing.

Already Have in Mind a  Freehold Property Not Featured Here?  Do Let Us Know Which and How We Can Assist.

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